About services provided at Misk for psychological and family counseling

  • Preparing the annual plan.
  • Measuring and diagnosing talent and intelligence
  • Measuring and diagnosing mental disorders and behavioral problems.
  • Measuring and diagnosing personality patterns
  • Short-term psychological consultations for community members, which are in the form of individual interviews and a case study.
  • Awareness-raising and educational campaigns in many areas, including domestic violence, youth problems, the importance of youth participation in public life, volunteering and community service.
  • Identification of methods to prevent diseases, especially common ones.
  • Holding seminars and lectures in the field of counseling concerned with the psychological aspect and involving community members.
  • Making brochures, magazines and documentaries.
  • Providing consultations (psychological, social, health, family … etc) in coordination with the specialists in these fields.
  • Preparing those who are about to get married and supporting them psychologically.
  • Implementing a preventive program to reduce aspects of family conflicts.
  • Helping students in schools dealing with their problems such as poor motivation, poor time management, study habits, and exam anxiety.
  • Helping employees, workers and administrators improving production, increasing quality and reducing work pressure.
  • Training of individuals in the field of self-awareness, life skills, and professional planning for example especially in adolescence.
  • Providing educational and research consultations on the most prevalent phenomena in society.
  • Providing individual services to individuals with special family problems.
  • Providing various training courses in psychological, social and educational topics for parents, teachers and interested parties.
  • Home visits to counsel about some families vulnerable to breakdown.
  • Issuing brochures on psychological and counseling topics, as one booklet each year.
  • Conducting group counseling programs on topics of interest to them, so that they participate in specific problems, such as divorce, family violence, or smoking.
  • Providing family counseling services to the local community.
  • Sponsoring talented, teaching assistants and dropouts students through individual and group programs, interviews and case studies, developing talents and encouraging them to provide talents to talent sponsors.
  • Carrying out field studies and procedural research in psychological and educational phenomena, and working to change them.

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